SharePoint CRM & Stakeholder Relationship Management

  • Utilises Your SharePoint Platform, Experience and Training
  • Affordable licensing - Unlimited Users or User Bundle Licenses
  • Quick & Easy to Implement Solutions - In-House or Hosted

SharePoint Relationship Management Applications

Our full-featured SharePoint  Relationship Management applications are licensed for UNLIMITED USERS and leverage Native SharePoint functionality - while providing a rich environment to manage sales, service or stakeholder management objectives. They define relationships which you can use "out-of-the-box" - then extend, scale, personalise and configure to fit your company's business processes.

Stakeholder Relationship & Issue Management

Are you looking at how to effectively implement a stakeholder relationship and issue management program and how you can make the information available to everyone in your organisation who interacts with stakeholders? Our Stakeholder & Issue Management solution for SharePoint provides:

  • the functionality to manage projects, issues, stakeholder relationships and much more
  • an UNLIMITED USER license enabling access for everyone who interacts with Stakeholders
  • the ONLY Stakeholder Relationship & Issue Management Software for SharePoint. 

Find out more about: Stakeholder Relationship and Issue Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

If you are a SharePoint user and have a business requirement to implement a solution to:

  • provide typical CRM functions to everyone in your organisation, or
  • just need a basic contact management system to share information, or
  • want to add your own specific data to a CRM system to create a custom application, and
  • want a system that users will actually use - because it is easy and in a familiar environment 

then our SharePoint CRM Template - will satisfy your business requirements with one license fee!

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SharePoint CRM Videos

SharePoint CRM Videos

User Reviews:

"As a Sales Manager I found this product to be extremely helpful. After IT implementation I was able to customize the product further to meet my needs with minimal outside help... "

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